How to Host a Website – The Complete Beginner’s Guide 2019

How to Host a Website
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Learn How to Host a Website

Finally, you are at the door of hosting your website. Congratulation! Now you are one step away from establishing your presence online. If you have domain and website is ready (or you will build after buying a hosting) then you are ready to rock.

But, at this point of time, some people face some difficulty. The major query is how to host a website. This is obvious to ask such type of question.

Don’t worry, I will explain each and everything and steps to host a website. So let’s take a deep dive into it.

Steps to Host a Website

These are some steps you can follow to host a website

Step 1 : What Type of Website You Have?

Your journey to host a website should start from here. The first and most important thing is what type of website you have? You may wonder what does it mean what type?

There is basically two type of website are there. One is static or basic and another one is dynamic.

Static or Basic Website

As the name suggests, static or basic websites are simple websites having one or more web pages. These websites are basically designed in HTML. You can build a page using your computer with code editor software like Dreamweaver. Then you have to upload the pages that you have designed, to your host’s server using any FTP software like FileZilla. But when you want to make some changes you’ll have to edit the files on your computer and have to upload them again. They cannot be modified dynamically. These type of websites are called static websites. These websites are cheaper to build and have no option for advance e-commerce or interactivity.

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic websites have the capability change contains depending on the viewer time of day, and other factors. They use both client-side and server-side scripts to create and update content. To say simply, client-side scripts are runs on a user’s computer. This also increases the interactive nature of the website. Server-side scripts run on a server. Every E-commerce and social networking sites are the examples of dynamic websites which provides a customized response for each user. Some more examples of dynamic websites are blogs, forums, online wallet etc.

The dynamic websites can be managed using CMS. Many web hosting providers prove support for CMS platforms which make the whole process easier. Some popular CMS are WordPress, Joomla, Magento.

Step 2: Choose a Hosting Server

If your website is static then you may ignore this step. But if it is a web application, there are basically two types of hosting platforms.

Linux Hosting: – It allows to run a garden of scripts like PHP, Python, Perl, and other Unix-originated languages. It also supports MySQL databases and PostgreSQL. Most people recommend this platform because it supports many programming languages.

Windows Hosting:- It allows to run ASP scripts .NET and other Microsoft related technologies. It supports Microsoft SQL Server and Access database. This a rarely use the platform.

As per your requirement, you can go with any platform. But the Linux hosting is more cost effective and flexible as compared to Windows hosting.

Step 3: Choose Your Web Hosting Plan

This is one of the most important steps if we see this from a money point of view. If you have less knowledge in web hosting you can check my previous beginner guide to web hosting (Link my previous article).

There is a wide range of hosting plans available in the market. Among them, 4 plans are well known.

  • Shared Hosting: – It is the cheapest hosting plan. Because one physical server is shared with other website owners.
  • VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server Hosting) : –  It is next to shared hosting. VPS divides one physical server into multiple, separate virtual machines. It often called as a budget dedicated server.
  • Dedicated Server Hosting: – If you have a large business and your website will get thousands of views per day then you should go for this hosting. It costs some handy amount of money.
  • Cloud hosting: – Cloud hosting is considered the most advanced hosting. Because it uses the server power dynamically. It is very costly and currently used by the big e-commerce companies.

If you are in a fumble and can’t decide which hosting plan is good for you, then I have something special for you.

You can get a free domain and host is $1.99 per month through an ongoing offer on iPage. Have you heard this type of lightning deal? Check the deal.

Step 4: – Change the DNS Address

At this point of time, I assume that you have brought the hosting plan as per your need.

With each hosting plan, you will get Name Servers. The Name Servers are commonly known as Domain Name Servers or DNS. You can compare this with a phone book that contains IP Addresses.

There is also some default name server associated with the domain name. To connect your hosting with the domain name, you should change the name server of your domain.

Follow the below steps

  • Log in to your domain Control Panel
  • Choose the domain name you want to change the name server.
  • Find the Name Server option.
  • Replace the existing nameservers with the new one that was provided by the web host.
  • Then click on the Update Name Servers button.

After updating the name server it will take 24-48 hour to show the effect.

Step 5: Upload Your Website

This is the final step. If your website is ready, then simply log in to your cPanel upload it to the File Manager.

This is quite a tricky process and needs tiny technical skill. This process varies from web host to web host.

You can simply do one thing. Contact your hosting provider and aware they know about this. If you can’t upload and set up your files on the cPanel, their tech support executive will do all these things for you.

If you have not developed your site yet and want to install a CMS on it, then hosting providers also have a dedicated a section for this. You can install a CMS and manage the whole site in a few clicks. There a garden of CMS platform available there.

Final thoughts

I think all your queries regarding how to host a website has been resolved. Follow all the above steps and after successful completion, your website will be live.

So, why are you waiting for? Grab the free domain and hosting is $1.99 per month deal and live your website today.

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